New Perk Provider: 9 Miles East Farm

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Check out 9 Miles East Farm – CRVN’s New Perk Provider

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Capital Region Vegan Network is pleased to announce the newest Perk Provider, 9 Miles East Farm. Located 9 miles from Saratoga Springs, the farm not only grows delicious veggies but also provides farm-fresh vegan meals. Read more to learn what owners Gordon and Mary Sack had to say about 9 Miles East.

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Tell us about 9 Miles East. What’s it like to grow and prepare your own food?

9 Miles East Farm LLC is in the town of Northumberland, New York, 9 miles east of Saratoga Springs, in a quiet area of dairy and hay farms.We’ve been farming sustainably in our gently rolling 29 acres of clay loam soil since 2004. We keep a significant amount of our land in cover crops every season, plowing down the clover, rye, buckwheat and other crops to build organic matter and biological activity in the soil. We also use cover crops between rows to host beneficial insects and protect the soil. All of the products we use are OMRI-certified organic, but we don’t use that label ourselves. We certainly respect farms who do, but our perspective is that the o-word has lost meaning as many organic farms have become industrial in scale and distribution.9 Miles East Farm makes it easy for busy people to enjoy healthy local food. We deliver farm-made meals and our own freshly harvested vegetables to workplaces and directly to subscribers.

What made you decide to start 9 Miles East?

People are busy these days. Many of our customers are families in which both parents work outside the home. That’s how it is in our family too, so we know how hard it is to find time to even eat together. We think family meals are important, so we started our farm with the goal of making healthful, ready-to-eat meals and delivering them to our customers. Everything we do is firmly grounded in our mission to bring good, healthy food to busy people.

We feel like we see you guys everywhere in the community! What are your favorite festivals, farmers markets, and events to attend?

We love attending local races like the Firecracker 4. The ADK Sports Expos are also so much fun and a great way to spread the word about our Mission.

What are your most popular vegan dishes?

We have a grain bowl called our Burbank GO Basket that includes buckwheat, fresh veggies from our farm and an amazing vegan spicy aioli.  It’s our chef’s favorite vegan dish and the aioli is out of this world. 

Where can we go to keep track of what 9 Miles East is up to and where you guys will be in the community?

We have a great following on Facebook ( and Instagram ( Follow us and keep in touch!  We’re also happy to announce we now have a storefront in Saratoga Springs at 64 Excelsior Ave. We have lots of vegan items available and are open 7 AM – 10 PM.



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