New Perk: DetoxBox Delivered

Q: Tell us about DetoxBox—what it is and how does it work?

We are a superfood smoothie and cold-pressed juice home delivery system created to make on-the-go healthy eating accessible, affordable, and delicious. Our whole food products are packed with organic fruits and vegetables, and unique superfoods; 100% free of artificial preservatives, additives, or colorings; and crafted in small batches to ensure the highest quality is delivered to your doorstep. Our smoothies arrive frozen in individual ready-to-blend cups, and our cold-pressed juices (coming soon) arrive frozen, preserving those precious nutrients, ready for you to defrost and enjoy at your own convenience.  

Q: What was your inspiration for starting DetoxBox?We started our first smoothie business at the summertime Spa City Farmers’ Market in Saratoga, NY. It was the same year that our first child was born, and we were just doing it as a fun side gig. At home, we were making our own smoothies, baby food, and juices to keep our new little family healthy as well. Very quickly, our entire lives revolved around smoothies, juice, and family. We were constantly asked by our customers, family, and friends how they could get our superfood smoothies & juices year-round, but we never felt that a brick-and-mortar store would reach all of the people we wanted to reach. Our mission was to make busy lives easier while encouraging others to eat more organic, plant-based foods. We really wanted people to have our smoothies and juices at their fingertips. So, one day we decided that we would make our smoothies as “ready-to-blend” smoothies, and ship them out to as many people as we could. Pretty soon our juices will be shipping out as well. It’s been so much bigger than what a brick-and-mortar shop could do. We are still out in the community, but we are able to send a Detox Box to someone in Maine (for example) as well.

Q: What is the best way to use and/or to order a DetoxBox (for example, is it best as a subscription or an occasional purchase for cleansing, etc.)?We are set up as a subscription, with FREE delivery, so that you can stay on track with healthy eating and always have your freezer stocked with clean, organic goodness. This is a really flexible, no-hassle subscription that you can cancel anytime (as long as you do it the Sunday before your next delivery date). You are able to use our juices or smoothies however you like- as a cleanse, or added into your diet. 

Q: Where can we go to learn more and to order our DetoxBox today? and you can also follow us on Instagram @detoxboxdelivered or Facebook Remember to check your member newsletter for a special CRVN members-only code!

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to add or that you’d like our members to know?We are Rich & Laura, the owners, and we have 3 young children and a sweet little dog, whom we call “Baby Dog.” Our world revolves around our family and healthy living. We love dance parties in our living room, hikes with our kids, and random car rides – “Sunday Drives” are our jam!

*** Special note to our members ***
One DetoxBox Delivered smoothie contains bee pollen: Carrot & Coconut


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