New Vegan Menu at Nanola – Malta, NY

Cajun eatery, Nanola (2639 Route 9, Malta, NY) has added a vegan menu to their offerings under the name of their virtual vegan eatery: Foodology! Here’s what the owner had to say about their new ‘secret’ vegan menu:

Q: We’re so thrilled to learn that you’ll be offering vegan options! Can you tell us what prompted you to add vegan options?

A: We have been talking about giving our guests vegan and vegetarian options for a while now. We decided to start with vegetarian options first and it quickly turned into quite a few vegan options as well. There are not many places you can go and get great vegan food [in Malta]; we wanted to make Nanola one those places that everyone can go to to get something great to eat.

Q: What are some of the menu items you’re most excited about?

A: Our Vegan Jambalaya is a great dish with loads of flavor. We will [also soon be serving] a gluten-free and vegan pasta dish that we think will be a big hit.

Q: What’s the best way for us to order from the new menu?

A: [You can order by using] Grubhub; if dining-in with us just ask for our vegan menu.

Q: Is there anything else you’d like us to know about your new vegan options?

A: We believe that we can put out great products and will continue to work with new products [to expand] our vegan menu.

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