2:15 PM | Eloísa Trinidad


Fourth on our VegFest stage at 2:15 PM is Eloísa Trinidad presenting; Liberation for all: How decoloniality and anti-colonial praxis can strengthen and heal the animal rights movement and ourselves




Eloísa is an award-winning policy advocate, liberation activist, educator, and artist. Her path towards activism and Veganism started early in life. She was raised by centenarians who lived off the land, taught her to be self-sustainable, and passed down much ancestral knowledge to her. This shaped her views of justice and empathy for all Beings, protection of our sacred home–Earth, and the belief in the healing power of plants, sharing, and community. As an AfroIndigeous Latina woman, she approaches liberation praxis and Veganism with an anti-colonial framework to raise awareness of how Western colonization has affected and continues to affect the plight of human and beyond-human persons (animals). And how it has changed the food system and our relationship with each other and the natural world. 

Through her role as Executive Director at Chilis on Wheels, Eloísa focuses on making Veganism accessible to communities in need through policy, education, mentorship, and direct food relief. She is currently working on legislation to make plant-based food and milk available to students across the country. In addition, she works with various coalitions and organizations as an advisor to develop community-informed strategies to transcend poverty, mitigate climate breakdown, and make food that grows from the ground accessible to everyone by advocating for policy change on a federal and local level. Within this, she has worked on food systems issues, including submitting recommendations on food policy from the US to the UN to amplify effective solutions to food insecurity and address the inequities in the contributing systems. In 2020, she started ongoing pandemic food relief efforts that continue to feed thousands of individuals, families, and students across NYC. In 2021, she created the Vegan Community Fridges Campaign and co-founded the first free vegan community fridge in New York, providing fresh produce, pantry items, and non-dairy alternatives to hundreds of food-insecure individuals and families daily. 

Eloísa is also the founder and Executive Director at Vegan Activist Alliance, a systems change-focused, community-driven, anti-speciesist, anti-colonial organization founded on the belief that all Beings have a natural right to their autonomy and to live free from oppression regardless of species. VAA works to end the exploitation of beyond-human persons and seeks the protection of our home–Earth through policy, institutional, and individual change. Beyond this, VAA empowers activists to find their voice in the fight for liberation through a collective liberation approach. 

Previously, she worked at  The Economist  Feeding the Future campaign, which aims to get consumers thinking more about environmentally sustainable approaches to food production and consumption by educating them on plant-based foods, reduction of plastic use, and reduction of food waste. Eloísa sits on the Board of Directors at Plant Powered Metro NY, and is on the following Advisory Boards:  Center For Science in the Public Interest,  Agriculture Fairness Alliance, and The Vegan Museum. Her favorite food is fruit and her favorite time is always with her beyond-human relatives, trees, and water. 

In 2021- 2022  she received the following honors and awards: 

  • NYC Food Policy Center 40 under 40 Rising Stars in Food Policy
  • Women Vegan Summit  x Impossible Foods Women Building the Future honoree in Accessibility & Equity
  • Coalition for Healthy School Food honoree of the year for her work on behalf of animals, the environment, and food justice
  • Mercy For Animals The People’s Fund
  • Tisch Center for Food, Education & Policy: Outstanding Community Member Organization



Vegan Activist Alliance — 

Instagram: @VeganActivistAlliance

Facebook: Vegan Activist Alliance

Twitter: Allliance_Vegan 

Website: www.veganactivistalliance.org

Chilis on Wheels — 

Instagram: @ChilisOnWheels 

Website: www.chilisonwheels.org

Facebook: Chilis on Wheels


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