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???? Bacon of the Future with MyForest Foods ????

Founded in 2019 in Green Island, NY (right here in the Capital Region!), MyForest Foods is making plant-based and pig-friendly bacon from mushroom root, known as mycelium. This revolutionary, versatile, and delicious ingredient inspired their signature and first ever product, MyBacon® Strips.

Curious to learn more, come try this flavorful vegan bacon at VEG OUT this year! And keep reading to find out more about the making of it, why mycelium is amazing, and some ways you can sizzle your own delicious MyBacon® Strips at home!



???? Farming Fungi ????‍????

(not pigs) 

At MyForest Foods, they combined “nature’s brilliance with innovative farming techniques” 1. First, they start by growing the mycelium whole in vertical farms. Then, when it’s ready for harvesting, they slice and season it to make their MyBacon® Strips.

Take a closer look:

This savory meatless mushroom creation is filled with protein & all 9 essential amino acids, while also free of the top 8 allergens!

???? What is Mycelium? ????

Pronunciation [ my-sea-lee-yumm ]

Mycelium is all around (or rather below) us! Mycelium is a network of fungal threads (also known as hyphae) that grows typically underground or in rotting tree trunks. From mycelium, fruiting bodies of fungi (mushrooms) sprout!2

Because of mycelium’s taste and texture, when prepared it makes a plant-based product that tastes and looks very similar to animal-based bacon.

However, not only is it kinder to the animals, but growing mycelium also uses less water and land to grow, emits less carbon, and grows quickly & naturally in comparison to pig bacon.


???? Sizzle & Snap????

Crispy, smoky, salty, meatless vegan bacon? Count us in! Just writing this blog is making us want to try some. Cook up MyForest Foods MyBacon® Strips with a side of tofu scramble, crumbled into a JUST Egg omelette, or layered on some bread for a classic BLT.

By the way – it’s available at Honest Weight Food Co-op! With more locations coming soon.

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Thank you MyForest Foods for helping to support VEG OUT 2022!


1 Quote from MyForest Foods |

2 Information adapted from Artis Micropia | linked here

Images and data used for the blog were modified from MyForest Foods  


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