Virtual Community Documentary Night

✨???? Virtual Community Documentary Night  ????‍????✨

Free Special Virtual Event on 1/22/2023!

This event, in honor of Veganuarywill be on Sunday, January 22nd from 7 pm to 9 pm Eastern Standard Time, but you don’t have to stay the entire time. It is very flexible so people can come late or leave early if needed. 

We are meeting to talk about the documentary, The End of Medicine. This documentary explores the correlation between the treatment of animals and emerging health threats. You can watch it for free HEREDr. Aysha Akhtar, who is shown in the film, will be joining us for a special guest Q&A! The way this works is that everyone watches the film on their own prior to the event, then we meet on zoom to discuss. We break everyone out into randomized small groups of around 4 or 5 people, give them a discussion prompt, and give them about 20 minutes or so to discuss in their randomized groups.  We will do multiple rounds of small group discussion with different groups and different prompts. This gives everyone an opportunity to meet new people and hear a variety of voices and perspectives throughout the night. Finally, we will end with the special guest Q&A! 

The zoom info will be available once you RSVP on the Eventbrite page


This event is in collaboration with APEX Advocacy, the Factory Farming Awareness Coalition, the Afro Vegan Society, and the Georgia Tech Veggie Jackets. APEX Advocacy is an Atlanta based nonprofit organization that helps communities of color defend themselves against animal industries through community organizing and activism. Factory Farming Awareness Coalition is a California based nonprofit organization that educates and empowers individuals and communities to support just and sustainable food systems. Afro Vegan Society is a national nonprofit organization with a mission to provide resources and support to help people in marginalized communities transition to vegan living. The Veggie Jackets are a Georgia Tech student organization focused on advocating for a plant-based lifestyle for the animals, the planet, and our health.


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